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  1. Not happy with the battery life (bluetooth off, no sports, etc. Just heart rate enabled.)

    Also, the battery life indicator just shows 100%, 80%, 60%, 40% and 20%. It doesn’t show 90%, 70%, 50% and 30%. When is on 20% the watch shutdown. It’s not very accurate.

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  2. Funzionava tutto alla grande, dopo l’aggiornamento non arrivano più le notifiche. Lo speaker funziona molto bene, le chiamate sono buone. Bisogna sistemare l app e l aggiornamento se no lo smartwatch è inutile!

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  3. Buen reloj que debería actualizarse para que deje leer los mensajes completos, no solo las primeras 20 palabras y que se puedan añadir más aplicaciones con notificaciones no solo las que vienen predetermiandas en la app movil.

    Good watch that should be updated so that it reads the complete messages, not just the first 20 words, and that more applications with notifications can be added, not just the ones that come by default in the mobile app.

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